What are memory mattresses?

Among the various types of mattresses, Memory or Viscoelastic mattresses are the most ergonomic, which means that the mattress adapts actively to natural physical conformations, keeping the vertebral column in an orthopedically correct position.

The Memory mattresses allow, during sleep, the relaxation of every muscle avoiding any kind of tension limiting the movements during and thus improving the quality of sleep.

Memory mattresses are extremely innovative products that have had their first uses in the health sector since they are anti-decubitus products therefore particularly suitable for those who must spend several hours in bed or for those who have, for example, pathologies such as lumbar or cervical hernias.

How does it work?

Memory Mattresses adapt and shape according to weight but also to the temperature that the body develops.

If, for example, we lay our hand on a memory slab, we will see and feel our own footprint forming on it, when we retract it we will see the footprint disappear slowly and it is for this reason that the memory mattresses are also vulgarly called “Slow Memory”.

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Despite the extreme adaptability, the memory mattresses maintain adequate support as they combine the memory layer with a high lift.

How to choose the right memory mattresses?

In the various models proposed it is possible to choose the memory mattress best suited to everyone’s needs. In the images shown it is possible to identify the subdivision of the various layers in which the slab of each model is composed, which will appear, more or less rigid and compact according to the quantities of the two materials present, plus foaming.

What are 100% latex mattresses?

The latex mattress is an ideal product for those who want elastic support, which allows the mattress to harmoniously follow the body, modeling itself according to the pressure exerted and offering soft and effective support but it is above all an extraordinary material for its characteristics hypoallergenic being totally natural and anti-mite.