Classic spring or innovative memory foam?

Spring mattresses:

If you are a traditionalist you could opt for a classic spring mattress: rigid at the right point to guarantee perfect support for the spine. Despite not being the latest innovation in the field of mattresses, it is still the best-selling one and perhaps it is precisely in the fact that even the traditional spring mattress has undergone an incredible evolution.

The helical springs are designed to support the weight of the body uniformly throughout the duration of the night’s rest; moreover, these are bagged independently, so as to avoid the leakage and preserve the integrity of your mattress.

Memory foam mattresses:

If instead you feel driven to opt for a more cutting-edge solution we recommend the extraordinary innovation of memory foam: a versatile material that adapts to every curve of your body giving you a pleasant night’s rest. What makes this material so extraordinary? Memory is expanded foam with different densities that characterize the various layers that make up the mattress.

The different densities allow correct support of the spine. Moreover, it is a thermosensitive material that adapts to the body temperature. So the advantages of memory foam are the extraordinary versatility of the material designed to adapt to any type of body.

The ability to reduce pressure points and balance body weight over the entire surface of the support and also allows cushioning movements minimizing their propagation. From a perfect rest even if your partner moves continuously.

Latex mattresses:

We also advise you to consider a valid third option: latex. This material has exceptional orthopedic properties, but we should not think of this as a product suitable only for those who are ahead in age.

In fact, latex is a material suitable for everyone. From those who have difficulty sleeping at night due to back pain, joints, stiff neck but also problems with poor circulation. Latex may seem very similar to memory foam, as both materials guarantee perfect support of the body, adapting to it in the best way.

However, they differ in that the latex is slightly stiffer but for this reason, it is also able to offer a boost towards the top for greater support. However, if you do not particularly like the compact consistency of this material, we suggest you opt for a solution that suits you best.

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